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We're Moving

Good things have to come to an end, but this isn't the end of Otaku Sailor Wars. Rather, our time on LiveJournal has. We're moving to a new forum, a new home. The formatting is different and so is the layout, but these are little changes in the long run. We look forward to being hosted by the same service that runs our website, and this means less lag and unexpected downtime that LiveJournal has been suffering from lately. We hope to see everyone at the new forum, and we welcome anyone who comes to this community to join us there.

Thank you ♥


Today is A Good Day to....Study

It was noisy at Toby's house. He didn't know what his dad was up to, down in the basement, but whatever it was involved a lot of hammering and banging and swearing. There was also a high chance that his dad was, at any minute, going to recruit him to help with whatever he was building.

Which was why Toby was in the park. He had headphones on and was sitting at a picnic table, book and notebook spread out in front of him as he mumbled German words to himself.

Slumber Party!

It would only be a few more weeks before Kristen would be moving back to New England for her research project. In that time, she had flown over for an orientation meeting at the school, but she had come back still feeling rather uneasy about leaving everyone else alone.

Hopefully, this little party would help to ease some of those worries. She had invited all of Osric's friends and all of Suzume's gamer friends for the slumber party. They still needed to orient all of the electronics and she was sure that the electric bill was going to hurt this month, but she needed to be around people before she took the big plunge.

Other than that, the apartment had been cleaned and the kitchen was stocked with snacks and food. The party could start whenever.