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28 June 2011 @ 04:31 pm
Osric Archer's Triumphant Return!  
Location: Maboroshi-Jones Apartment
Time: After Osric stops being brainwashed
Not sure which of the two residents would answer, Osric steeled himself for both of them to appear together as he gave the door a brisk rap with his knuckles.

"I'll get it!" Shizuka announced, running over to the door. She opened it, saying, "Welcome to the Jones and Maboro-- oh, hi Osric!"

"Osric?" There was a scuffle and Kristen popped her head out of the doorway to her room. "Osric's back?"

"Hullo. I'm here," he said, raising a hand to Kristen and smiling a bit nervously at the both of them. "Just here to nick your biscuits, not your souls, promise."

"You-" Kristen nearly fell launching herself out of the doorway, but recovered and made a beeline for Osric. She grabbed him by the shoulders. "You JERK! Do you have any idea how worried you made us!"

"I'm getting a picture!" he managed, not quite sure if he should be hugging or running away and only managing a nervous smile, flicking between Kristen and Shizuka.

Shizuka had the same huge grin from when she opened the door, but she looked like she was almost near tears, "It's... it's... it's been a while!"

"You're such a stupid... jerk..." Kristen went from nearly shaking him to crying and squeezing him tightly.

"Aww, shoosh, don't cry," Osric pleaded, wheezing a bit as he hugged Kristen with one arm and opened the other for Shizuka. "Come on, I feel bad enough as it is."

Shizuka scrambled over to Osric and couldn't hold her tears back. It took only a matter of moments before she effectively soaked both her face and her friend's shirt.

After a short while, Kristen finally managed to pull her sobbing back to shuddering gasps. "I, um... I think we all need some tea?" she suggested weakly.

"I'd love a tea," Osric assured, hesitating before pressing a kiss to the top of each girl's head in turn and giving both a brief, tight squeeze. "I'm sorry for making you upset, both of you."

The brunette wiped her eyes with her sleeve before nodding, "I can make tea! Um, um, I'll go make tea!" She then skittered off to get the tea kettle to get some water boiling.

Flushing blotchily, Kristen swatted at his shoulder. "Don't make me worry like that again or I'll have your hide, got it?" She put on a scowl and headed into the kitchen to get something to eat with the tea.

"Can I help with anything?" he asked, rubbing at his shoulder briefly as he trailed after the pair of them like a chastised puppy. "I promise, it won't happen again, or else you can beat me up for ten minutes without me running away."

"You could, um, always make sure I don't burn the water on accident!" Shizuka joked, grabbing a tissue and dabbing her nose with it.

"Or dry yourself off. We might need to launder that shirt of yours." After drying her glasses with a lenscloth, Kristen squinted at the wet stains on Osric's shirt.

"This old thing? I'll keep it forever," he said, giving his chest - and the shirt - a fond pat before he went rummaging for the mugs. Then he was serious. "I really am sorry. I'm just glad you two didn't get caught up in the mess.:

"I sort of wish I could have helped," Shizuka remarked. "I mean, at least you're okay now. That's all that matters."

"I'm just glad all the people I care about are back," was Kristen's response. "And it's good that you're back now, I feel a little bit better about my news."

"I'm okay, 100%," Osric reassured with complete sincerity, frowning at Kristen. "Did something bad happen?"

"Oh, no, it's, uh... good for me?" She fiddled with her glasses. "My university wants me to transfer to their campus so I can do work on a math project."

"Wait, transfer? Your university is overseas, isn't it?"

"Right. I didn't want to leave Shizuka without anyone to watch out for her, but now that you're back..."

"Water's done!" Shizuka announced, pulling the kettle off the stove. "Where's the teapot, and did you get the tea out, oh and how long do you want me to let the leaves sit in there for?"

"However long's fine," Osric said distractedly, offering Shizuka the tea and pot as he stared with a frown at Kristen. "You're going overseas, then?"

"Five minutes, please." Kristen wrang her hands nervously. "And, well, yes. I had a talk with Katako-san about it and we agreed that it'd be a good opportunity for me. You guys will be able to take care of yourselves, and if you need me then Tianzhi can get me."

Shizuka remained silent as talked to Osric, having heard her explanation before. She turned on a timer to five minutes and let the tea steep.

"How long are we talking, here?" He frowned again, tilting his head a bit as his hands slid into his jean pockets.

"Uh, I think a semester, though it might end up being the whole two terms?" Kristen responded. "They said there mmight be a follow-up project I can help on depending on how I do on the first."

"Well, that's not too terribly long a time," he mused. "What sorts of things would you be doing there?"

"Well, I'd be taking my normal classes there, and then I'd also have some time set away to help with the number-crunching for the project," Kristen replied. "And I'd be working and everything part-time and all to pay for my rent, all that."

"Aren't you going to be a busy little bunny. Never been Stateside," he mused. "What about your job at RyuuOh?"

"I'll have to give my two weeks notice. It's not like I'll be able to keep up with it while I'm in Vermont."

Shizuka jumped when the timer went off and removed the steeping leaves. "It's ready!"

"Lovely. Here's a mug, let me get the milk for that." Handing over the ceramics, Osric maneuvered to the fridge. "Vermont. Those are Canadians, right?"

Kristen stared for a moment. "No, uh, Vermont is part of the United States..." She shook off her confusion and got the sugar, adding a tin of assorted cookies to the table as well.

"Huh, you mean that one?" Setting the jug down, Osric helped himself to a seat and began picking through the cookies for a satisfactory biscuit. "What are you going to do, Suzu?"

"Probably just work double at the 3 Kingdoms. I'll be alright, I mean, if nothing else I could always ask mom and dad if I could move back in," Shizuka said with an awkward laugh and smile. "I'm just glad Kristen has an awesome opportunity like this!"

"Oh, I spoke with Ranko," Kristen started, as though just reminded. "She said she'll move in with you and help with the rent while I'm away. It seems she's gotten some work at the Koume Caf・too, while she's doing theatre classes at the university."

"Well that's good, ain't it? She brings over too many boys, though, you should use a spray bottle on her," he advised Shizuka

"Huh? Ranko's nice, and I am pretty sure she isn't a cat!" Although she could have been. You never know.

Kristen swatted at Osric. "Don't be rude, it's nice of her to do this. Though you should keep an eye out on her anyway," she added to Shizuka, frowning again. "Something seems a little off about her lately."

"Oh god, I just got back, and someone's already going off in the head?" he groaned, pouring himself a cup of tea.

The brunette tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she nodded, "I dunno if I'd notice it as much as you would though. I don't know her as well as you."

"It's nothing big, but it seems like she's been a little distant lately. Like she's not the same as she used to be. Maybe she's just growing away from me, I don't know..."

"Maybe your little baby's growing up and becoming a big girl?"

That got a cookie thrown in his direction. "It's just weird not having her around constantly."

"Even really close friends stop hanging out as much," She couldn't help but peak over to Osric as she said that, before pouring herself a small cup.

"I'm sorry bout that, Zuzu. I promise we'll hang out more often. All of us," he said, reaching over and putting his hand on top of Shizuka's head.

"We should hang out while we have the time before I leave," Kristen decided. "I'll invite the others over too, from Nikado-sensei's class. It's been a while since we've all hung out together."

"That'd be really fun! I've been sort of busy lately, so I haven't had time to visit anyone," She said enthusiastically, almost spilling her tea on herself with her joyful bounce.

Picking up the biscuit and nibbling it, Osric reached a hand over and put it over the top of her mug as she bounced. "A slumber party?"

"With video games and horror movies." Kristen picked through to find a butter cookie. "And lots of junk food."

"It could be almost like your going away party, maybe?" Shizuka suggested.

"A going-away party might be nice... we would have to invite more people, though?"

"Oh, that's true. Maybe we should just invite some of the gamer girls and some of our other friends to the slumber party and then we'll have your party later?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. Not sure about the boys." She went a little red.

"What? You kick us out, we're just going ta go home, log in there, and waste you on Aura," Osric leered, but he laughed anyways.

"They could sleep in the living room and we could sleep in one of our rooms! Or the other way around I guess," Shizuka said, realizing she was overestimating the amount of guys compared to girls.
"I'll write up a list of people we'll invite for the slumber party, since we'll need to organize when they can come around. Not sure about the going-away party, that's... I'm not sure the apartment's big enough?" The blonde chewed on a butter cookie thoughtfully.

"I'm sure we could find someplace to stay," Shizuka said, already thinking of a few people she could ask.

"I'm sure teach wouldn't mind us crashing his place. His wife might, though," Osric mused.

"Isn't he still away in Hong Kong?"

Osric looked surprised by that. "When did he go to Hon-... oh. Oh yeah. When's he get back?"

A guilty expression flickered across Kristen's face and she shrugged uneasily.

"E-even so, I'm sure we could find somewhere else to have the slumber party!" Shizuka said, her mood slightly dampened, "I-I mean I might be able to ask my parents if they have room."

"Or we could see about having a picnic in the park or something?" Kristen suggested. "If the weather permits."

"That would work. Summer's here, weather should be good when it isn't raining."

"I could try seeing if I could get any food from work for that," She suggested, wordlessly adding 'since I couldn't cook if my life depended on it'.

"Maybe we can do a potluck or something and have everyone bring a little."

"Yeah, that sounds good. We'll send out an email or something to everyone." Osric suddenly sat up. "We're total idiots. Ship's big enough."

"Oh. I forgot! Yeah, that'd work, right?" She asked, looking at Kristen.

Kristen shook her head. "I can't believe I didn't think of it before. You showing up again has messed up my thinking," she accused, giving Osric a poke.

"It's just my manly charms," he said with a lofty air of one who has suffered long and yet nobly. "I do what I must to get by."

"Okay, I guess we'll just tell everyone to meet at the ship at a certain time, then? With food and all that other stuff?"

"Sounds good."